We are proud to be supporting Keep It Local Week in our area

Follow our five suggestions below and become a part of the campaign

Download a poster to display in your window

Follow us on Social Media and engage with our Keep It Local posts to further raise awareness.

Write to our Local MP – Let’s use Keep It Local Week to remind our MP of how local businesses deserve more help.

Find a local office products supplier

Take the 7-Day Keep Local Challenge to support our local economy.

Take the 7-Day Keep It Local Challenge

It is often easy to support a cause without actually taking any action, the concept of buying local is widely agreed to be a good thing…yet too often we default back to the easy option. Take our 7-Day Challenge (any/every week!) and play your part in supporting local businesses.



Instead of jumping in your car to visit the out-of-town multi-national supermarket, visit your local butcher/baker/greengrocers instead. Local people providing local produce.



Take the time to Google a local supplier before defaulting to Amazon for your next online purchase.
Do you really need it next day?



Use your social media time to follow and share posts from 10 local businesses.
Personal recommendations are at the heart of a local community.



Display a Keep It Local logo in you window/car/van. Let people know that you support local businesses providing local jobs.



Recommend a local shop/supplier to a friend or family member. Although large retailers and big-box companies offer a wide selection; the variety is decided by small groups of corporate buyers. Real choice comes from independent businesses tailoring their goods and services to their unique community needs.



Write to your local MP. We need to keep reminding parliament of their need to help local economies. Download a letter template to edit and send from here.



Prepare - what supplies are you going to need for the week ahead? Plan ahead so that you do not need a same day delivery, but can instead order from a local supplier with a more personable service.

Find your local stationery and office products supplier NOW!

Take a photo of yourself or any of your colleagues buying from a local store or receiving a delivery from a local office products supplier and help us to spread the word.


Let us know about any letters of support or words of encouragement you have received from local MP’s or businesses in support of keeping it local.



Spread the word of Keep It Local by downloading a poster to display in your workplace, local club or public building, download a web banner or email signature to use on your website and email communications and download the logo to use on letterheads, websites and in local media.





Your business needs you!

We have spoken to MPs and although they cannot publicly declare support, they have told us that the best way to get heard is to keep getting as many businesses as possible writing to their local MP.
NOW is the time to get involved…


1. DOWNLOAD the letter template below (Edit approrpiately for if your MP is a Conservative in power or in opposition).

2. SEND to your local MP.

3. SHARE a copy of your letter on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook tagging in fellow SMEs in your area asking them to visit the page and do the same using the hashtag #KeepItLocal

With almost 6 million SMEs in the UK, we have a very good chance of being heard and making a difference with these simple steps

Help to spread the word by writing to your local MP to raise awareness
of the Keep It Local campaign and the need for government to help our
businesses to be at the forefront of our local economies.

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