Dear Mr Gove,

I am turning to you in follow-up to my previous letter to Boris Johnson for which I have not received a response; perhaps understandably with a global pandemic, the departure from Afghanistan and Brexit to resolve, my letter may have temporarily moved down the priority list.

However, as Minister for Cabinet Office, I am confident that you will be determined to ensure that the positive commitment, made during Matt Hancock’s tenure in your role, for meeting targets for £1 in every £3 of government’s procurement expenditure to flow to SMEs is fulfilled. That deadline is rapidly approaching, but do not worry, we can help!

Yes, we have been at it again! After no response from Boris Johnson, Nemo Office Club MD, Tim Beaumont has posted a follow-up letter to Michael Gove, offering the support of this campaign to help the government reach its own targets. The letter was again posted on LinkedIn and has been viewed and shared by hundreds.

View the letter on LinkedIn here, and be sure to share it with your followers to keep spreading the word: