Two campaigns, two weeks and one very strong message

For the stationery aficionado May promises to be an indulgent month as Keep It Local Week and National Stationery Week work together in support of each others campaigns, falling in successive weeks starting on Monday 9th May.

The inaugural Keep It Local Week running from 9-15th May builds on the back of a two year long campaign organised by Nemo Office Club buying group, a campaign that has raised the awareness and benefits of the need to support local businesses to build stronger local economies and communities; now Keep It Local Week is taking it to the next level.

“We have provided the tools for Nemo Office Club members to make some real noise in their local community during the week.” explains Marketing Manager, Alan Calder “Retail stationery shops will be setting up a week of special offers with other shops and businesses in their area displaying a poster that signifys that they are taking part and have an offer for any member of the public that has collected a special Supporters Card – this could be from the local butcher, baker, shoemaker – anyone that has joined in with the week.

“There is also a series of seven daily promotions for B2B sellers to get the message to their customers and there is £250 up for grabs to donate to a local charity for the best photo representation of participating in Keep It Local Week, whilst the website will feature a 7-Days of Keep It Local Challenge to change consumer buying habits. Day 7 finishes with the suggestion of getting ready to visit your local stationery store the following day, which just so happens to be the start of National Stationery Week!”

National Stationery Week takes place between Monday 16th-22nd May with the aim of celebrating writing by hand, to get people all over the world talking about and sharing details of their favourite stationery products and retailers for everyone to send more letters and cards.

Rachel Smallman from National Stationery Week added “National Stationery Week is a unique opportunity for retailers to sell more stationery! This has been tried and tested for over 11 years now. Retailers have always found it beneficial to have a focus on the build up and during the week. The 7 Days of stationery themes have trended on social media and retailers can download all the artwork  to start to publicise their involvement. As the consumer out pouring of love for all things stationery starts, it’s a great time for retailers to get some free PR for their shops, promote any deals and offers and get their name on the site and across social media.”

Nemo Office Club and the Keep It Local campaign will be exhibiting at the London Stationery Show on 17-18 May, an exhibition at the heart of National Stationery Week.