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What is Keep It Local?

What if we all thought twice about our purchasing choices and the power we have. Take action now!
Let’s rally behind our local businesses, uplift our communities, and ignite a thriving future for our towns and cities. Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact, one local purchase at a time!

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that supporting local businesses is a powerful way to enrich communities and create a stronger, more sustainable future. We’re driven by the idea that every choice matters, and that together, we can make a significant impact by promoting local businesses and fostering a sense of connection within our communities


We empower you and your community to express the importance of local businesses.


A stronger society through conscious consumer choices. Local business being at the forefront.


We will ask questions of governing bodies to ensure local businesses are getting fair opportunities.

What We are Building



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10 Reasons to Keep It Local


Local Connections Already Made

The strategy

Our clear vision to raise local spend

Our mission is to offer B2B support and inspire individuals to invest in the heart of their communities by choosing to buy local. We believe that every purchase is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the places we call home.

Celebrating Community

We celebrate the unique character and diversity of local businesses that make each neighbourhood special. By promoting the stories, products, and services of these businesses.

Economic Vitality

We recognise the vital role local businesses play in the economic growth and prosperity of our regions. By encouraging local spending, we contribute to job creation, community development, and the financial well-being of our neighbours.

Environmental Sustainability

We advocate for sustainability and conscious consumer choices. Supporting local businesses often means reducing transportation emissions and promoting environmentally responsible practices.

Connecting People

We create a space where consumers and businesses come together, forming a community that values personal connections, trust, and collaboration.

Our High Streets are Suffering

Investing in community & local spend statistics

Let’s shine a spotlight on the state of local businesses in the UK. While we cherish the diversity and character they bring to our communities, it’s concerning to see the challenges they face. Here are some worrying statistics that underscore the importance of supporting and revitalising these local enterprises.

shop closures (Per Day)
0 %
Empty units
- 0 %
Shop Footfall

heart & soul of the town


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Boost Sales & Loyalty with Keep It Local!
Join the growing number of office product resellers using Keep It Local to enhance sales and customer loyalty. Our tools empower you to engage with the local economy and raise community awareness for success. Request your Keep It Local marketing pack today for recyclable packaging tape, lapel badges, stickers, posters, postcards, web banners, and more!

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