Spread the word - Keep It Local

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Tell your procurement team to search local first

Whether buying for your own business, or as part of a larger organisation encourage your boss to "Keep It Local" - It is our economies the will benefit.

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Write to your local Council/MP

We are looking for this to become a national campaign - To achieve the we need to raise awareness, and let authorities know about the demand for prioritising local purchases.

Help to spread the word amongst your network

Follow us on social media and spread the word amongst your audience to let them know that the UK public want our businesses and governing bodies to Keep It Local.

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Working from home? Visit your local shop for supplies

Working practices have changed, with more people working from home. This provides the perfect opportunity to find your local supplier to visit or contact online for your supplies.

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Become an official "Keep It Local" Supporter

Coming Soon! Look out soon for more details on how you can benefit by becoming a fully-fledged supporter of the Keep It Local campaign...watch this space.

All in it together - It's not just about office supplies

Our background is the office supplies industry, but Keep It Local is about prioritising local purchases from all industries, boosting our local economies.

Together we can change our thinking...keep it local