Calling All SME’s

Your Business Needs You!

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We have spoken to MPs and although they cannot publicly
declare support, they have told us that the best way to get heard
is to keep getting as many businesses as possible writing to their
local MP. Now is the time to get involved…


1. Download the letter template below (Edit approrpiately for if your MP is a
Conservative in power or in opposition).
2. Send to your local MP.
3. Share a copy of your letter on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook tagging in fellow SMEs
in your area asking them to visit the page and do the same using the hashtag

With almost 6 million SMEs in the UK, we have a very good chance of being heard and making a difference with these simple steps

Help to spread the word by writing to your local MP to raise awareness
of the Keep It Local campaign and the need for government to help our
businesses to be at the forefront of our local economies.