In recent months we have had many conversations with MPs that back our campaign but are unable to publicly declare their support and recommendation because they will undoubtedly get bombarded with hundreds of similar requests. However, they have all told us that we are on to a winner, and we should get more and more people to write to their local MP raising awareness of the Keep It Local campaign and the need to support SMEs.

We have done our calculations, with something like 6 million SMEs in the UK, accounting for around 16.8 million of the working population, all of which will benefit from a pro-active move for UK businesses and consumers to buy locally, that could be a huge number of letters winging their way to parliament over the next few weeks!

Better than that though, imagine the awareness us SMEs and independent businesses can make via social media if we all posted copies of our letters and messages for support across social media, sharing each other’s posts and using the #KeepItLocal hashtag?

Let’s do it, let’s make some noise! We have even drafted a letter that you can download and edit to send to you local MP.