We Represent A Group Of Independent Business Supplies Dealers

All are well placed to service the requirements of government and public sector contracts, as well as providing internationally competitive price and service from within the local community to small businesses and homeworkers – we currently have over 300 members driving the new wave of enthusiasm for buying local, supporting local and keeping it local.

Their local product and service offerings are competitive and backed by the nationwide support of our group, which is additionally part of an international buying group, Business Products Group International (BPGI). Working together as an international group we service over 1.5 million customers locally with the collective buying power to match the larger international competitors in the market…If given a fair opportunity.

As a club we always encourage our fans to support local businesses and sponsors - Like us, they are at the heart of the community. We need to support each other and Keep It Local.

Peter Brown

Chairman, Chesham United Football club

Win a Box of
Our Earth Paper

Simply search your local area using the Store Finder, search your local area and complete the contact form for your local supplier asking for more information about Our Earth copier paper or any other office products enquiry you may have.