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The Keep It Local campaign was launched in 2019 by a group of office products companies who recognised that smaller independent businesses are often discriminated against when competing against multi-nationals and identified the benefits to local economies and communities if more of us KEEP IT LOCAL when making our buying decisions.

Keep It Local was founded by a group of passionate individuals who believe in the power of supporting local businesses. Learn more about our journey and mission.


Local Businesses

Our campaign is about providing innovative solutions and support to local businesses, helping them adapt & thrive.

Discover and learn from success stories, spread the word on social media, and secure a vibrant future for local businesses with Keep It Local!

Bright Ideas

Keep It Local can be treated like a hub for emerging new ideas by business and supporters involved.

Success Stories

Learn how local businesses have benefited from the support.


Spread the word about your favorite local businesses on social media.

Long-term Security

Be part of our community dedicated to supporting local businesses and share your experiences.

Looking to Buy Local?

Independent local business suppliers have launched this campaign to help you to KEEP IT LOCAL

Whether you are looking to buy local for your office, home or business, or a retail shop to buy your stationery for personal use, there is a local office products supplier.

All are well placed to service the requirements of businesses large and small with nationally competitive prices and personal service levels that you can only get from a local supplier.


starter Pack & project development

Increase Sales and Build Customer Loyalty with Keep It Local! Become part of the expanding community of office product resellers who are leveraging Keep It Local to boost their sales and foster customer loyalty. Our resources enable you to actively connect with the local economy and promote community engagement for success. Get in touch today to request your Keep It Local marketing kit, which includes eco-friendly packaging tape, lapel pins, decals, promotional posters, postcards, web banners, and more!

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