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Our mission is to:

  • Change the buying habits of a whole nation
  • Build on the growing appetite to support local businesses
  • Demand that government plans for spend with SME’s are met
  • Grow local economies by increasing spend in our communities
keep it local

the time to take action is now

We are a group of Office Products dealers who have experienced the move towards buying from local businesses during the recent pandemic. Our mission is to keep the trend going as the economy starts up again, by demanding large businesses and government organisations actively strive to use more local companies for their stationery, office supplies and other items.

keep it local

Local businesses showing their support

Councils & Politicians have their say

Celebrities, Movers & Shakers


Alex Horne – Taskmaster

TV Personality Alex Horne has shown support to the campaign via Twitter: “This is is one of my favourite shops. I know @RealTimVine has a soft spot for it too #keepitlocal”


Geoff Ramm – Celebrity Service

“When it comes to shopping and buying local, Yoda said it best, ‘Do or do not, there is no try’. NOW is the time to DO! Stop saying you’ll try to buy local, businesses and your economy needs your support more than ever.”

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Felixstowe Chamber of Trade & Commerce

“The Felixstowe Chamber has continued meeting during Lockdown and, among other things, has decided to promote a new “Keep it Local” campaign launched by Nemo & Office Club”


Peter  Brown – Chairman of Chesham United FC

“As a club we always encourage our fans to support local businesses and sponsors – Like us, they are at the heart of the community. We need to support each other and Keep It Local”

Supporting Product Suppliers - Thank you

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help us in our mission by doing the following...

The more noise we can generate now, the more we can help to keep business in our local economies


Sign our petition

We want to raise awareness of the governments plans for 33% of procurement spend to be with small businesses by 2022 and we want to make sure the target is met by getting everyone to sign our petition.


Write to your local MP

Our MP’s are the ones directing our nation – We want everyone to write to their local representative requesting support for Keep It Local and to demand for regular updates on their plans to increase local spend.


Send us pictures

The more we raise awareness of the Keep It Local campaign, the more it will benefit local communities. Send us pictures of you buying from a local shop or with a delivery driver from our local office products suppliers.


Find a local dealer

We represent over 300 local B2B office product sellers and retail shops, providing you and your business with all it’s needs, whatever the size. Put our dealers to the test, and see the benefits of keeping it local.

local benefits

10 amazing reasons why you should continue to keep it local

local economy

People that buy locally also spend locally, putting money back into the local economy

Local jobs

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally providing local jobs

pay taxes

Local businesses pay corporation tax, rent, council tax, income tax, national insurance, etc

local deals

Successful local businesses look to give back to the community with local deals


A thriving marketplace of 1000’s of small businesses instigates innovation and lower prices


Local businesses are passionate, offering advice & excellent customer service


Local people know the area, add authenticity to the community & respond to customers


Communities with more small local businesses get more engagement & charity support


A vibrant town or high street will attract more visitors bringing wealth to the community


Local businesses employ local, reducing air pollution and traffic from the local area


DEMAND that government plans for increasing spend on goods & services with SME's are met