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We are a group of Office Products dealers on a mission to boost our local economies by encouraging everyone from large businesses and the public sector, to individuals working at home, to KEEP IT LOCAL.



When you shop local you invest local - our small and medium-sized businesses in Gower need our support more than ever. That's why I'm encouraging my constituents to take part in the Keep It Local campaign

Tonia Antoniazzi

MP Gower Constituency

A Greener Choice

Choosing a local supplier for all your workplace needs reduces the environmental impact of transportation, but did you know that your local dealer also offers a huge range of greener alternatives for all your stationery & office products needs?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our town centre and will be crucial to our recovery after lockdown. The Keep It Local campaign is an excellent initiative to support local stationery and office supplies dealers in our town.

Counciller Roderick McCulloch

Mayor of Chesham

10 more amazing reasons why you should continue to keep it local

  • Local Economy

    People that buy locally also spend locally, putting money back into the local economy

  • Local Jobs

    Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally providing local jobs

  • Pay Taxes

    Local businesses pay corporation tax, rent, council tax, income tax, national insurance, etc

  • Local Deals

    Successful local businesses look to give back to the community with local deals

  • Competition

    A thriving marketplace of 1000's of small businesses instigates innovation and lower prices

  • Experience

    Local businesses are passionate, offering advice & excellent customer service

  • Identity

    Local people know the area, add authenticity to the community & respond to customers

  • Charities

    Communities with more small local businesses get more engagement & charity support

  • Communities

    A vibrant town or high street will attract more visitors bringing wealth to the community

  • Health

    Local businesses employ local, reducing air pollution and traffic from the local area

I am absolutely in favour of supporting the local economy and our fantastic businesses and I make the point regularly. I will certainly continue to do so whenever I can.

Kevin Hollinrake MP

Thirsk & Malton Constituency

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